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FOX News
Dec 5, 2013 1:00pm PST
and the uninsured. that are eligible for the exchanges. this is like looking as election night returns five minutes after the polls 0 close. we don't know yet. >> what is interesting or what we're finding out, in a lot of states it's not just the republican governor states or republican leader states that are having the problems. in in maryland, dominated by a democratic government and legislature. it's one of the biggest problems, and that flies the the in face or of what the administration is arguing, the republican governors are trying to tear this thing apart and stop it in its tracks. >> it's too early. the results are too early. the real issue here, neil, when you look at what these people are expected to buy. young people are expected to pay 10% of their after-tax income for health insurance policy that might have a $2,000 deduct illinois and some states the deductible is up to $6,000. these people are the healthy, invincibles and not a lot of people have disposable income no matter they're age to to have to put 10% of your disposable income out for something that is a piece of paper with a
FOX News
Dec 9, 2013 1:00pm PST
. but he did it after he got elected. but this guy here is demonstrating he can work 29 democratic mayors in new jersey endorsed this man. 29 dem -- this guy can get it done, and let me tell you something. what washington needs now is one strong leader. unfortunately -- >> how dooff know he is that guy? >> i'm watch doing. >> ow don't think it's ted cruz or rand paul. >> absolutely not. >> either of those guys got the nomination -- -- >> if we don't ghetto the senate we can't win. >> you think a governor is the way to go. >> i think by definition and by experience, go back and think about it. fdr, governor. reagan, governor. go back and look -- >> john kennedy, senator. >> well, i wouldn't -- >> not a fan of him. >> i wasn't fan but also not sure how things would have worked out. we know, for example, vietnam turned out to be a nightmare for us. >> fair enough. but do you buy this that -- something i get into with dick cheny tonight on fbn, if you don't get you should demand. he just hopes the party can avoid killing itself. do you think it can in. >> what i'm really bothered by these in
FOX News
Dec 4, 2013 1:00pm PST
support among 18 to 29-year-olds, core constituents whoa helped get his elected and re-ele re-elected, is cratering, down from april from 41%,a member of congress the group, 57% -- among the group, 57% do not approve of obama care. 22% of the group say they will sign up for it. among people who currently do not have health insurance, even then, only 29% say they'll enroll in obama care. a couple of thing that they're worried about. 51% say they believe that under obama care the cost of health care will go up while 44% believe the quality of care will go down. now for the financial assumptions, the affordable care act to work, fully 4 0% of enrollees have to be below the age of 35. the poll clearly shows the numbers are not there. director of harvard's institute of politics conducted the poll. >> the president's in a tough spot, declining approval ratings, young people who don't support a policy initiative, who don't want to sign up. and that could lead to either further problems down the road for his signature initiatives. >> grayson believes that the white house only has a short peri
FOX News
Dec 6, 2013 1:00pm PST
trying to run away from this because they're worried about the 2014 elections. let's not forget this was a double lie. so not only do you have the president saying that people can keep their health insurance plans they wanted to and obamacare can't change that you. had the senate and the congress voting, democrats voting against an amendment in 2009 that would have allowed people to keep their plans. so for them to now backtrack and say, well, we never said that, and the president -- we tried to convey to him that wasn't the case. they had an opportunity to fix this years ago and they're not doing it and they're not doing it now either, and they can't fix it unless they're willing to be honest and say, we lied to you, which is what they did, and we're sorry, but this is the way it is now, and it's the law, to quote in the white house. >> covering fannies. should say, we goofed. it would be stating the obvious, but too late for that. all right. very good seeing you again. thank you. >> good to see you. >> in the fight of her life but mary lan drew says she does not regret the vot
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4